What is it Atitlan.

It is a lake located in central america, specifically in Guatemala, in a department called Solola, Atitlan is a lake surrounded by more than 20 indigenous communities, where you find everything from a comfortable hotel to a beautiful smile, real and humble.

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Real smiles

A cheerful smile is better than a perfect smile, In Atitlan, where development is mingled with underdevelopment, there is something unique, and it is its people.
As we have said in other post, it is a mostly indigenous community where there are more than 23 ethnic groups, and all have something in common, the kindness of its people, you will never go unnoticed, without you carrying a: good morning, good afternoon, In (Spanish), and an always friendly smile. As the lady of the photo, still loaded, took the time to pose for this post and give us details and directions of the place where we were. “Eye of Water” name of the canton


What is quetzal

A quetzal, besides being a very popular bird, for our publication, a quetzal is the official currency of Guatemala, the same one that you will use in Atitlan, exist from denominations of 100, 50, 20, 10, 5, 1, it is better to use the low numbers.  With a quetzal you can buy different things and 7 quetzales are equivalent to one dollar, in case you use dollars, however, to visit Atitlan I recommend you change your official currency to quetzales, it will make the trip easier. Do not forget, if you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us20170312_132626

What is it Atitlan360lake

It is a window through which you can see from your mobile or your computer, as it is here, every day we try to put a new view and a new photo with its history that may interest you, the idea is to discover the beauty of this place and You decide to visit us. Contact us, we wait for you.

Why visit Atitlan.

The lake atitlan, is unique, natural beauty and its people, the warmth of Latin Americans, the friendliness of its people, natural beauty and the climate, quite cold, besides a lot of activities you can do, from enjoying Its rich food to help the neediest of here and learn from them.

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